Hack The Great Online Pivot – an online hackathon for online learning

Hack The Great Online Pivot – an online hackathon for online learning

DigiEduHack is a yearly global event dedicated to solving digital education challenges, with simultaneous hackathons held around the world. On 12-13 November 2020, Aalborg University organised one such hackathon, named Hack The Great Online Pivot, or #HackThePivot for short. As an online event, participants joined in from Denmark, Germany, Greece, India, Serbia and Turkey. 

University students, educational professionals, educators and innovators were invited to innovate a solution towards the following challenge:

“Since COVID-19, many universities have been forced to switch to Online Learning. This sudden change (also known as “The Great Online Pivot”) has been challenging for students and educators. Do you have ideas on how to make Online Learning a better experience, for YOU and for OTHERS?”

Congratulations to Team Aşure and Team Learning Buddies for their winning solutions!

1st Place Solution

Q&B: Questions & Beyond by Team Aşure

Team members: Berkman ‘Lord’ Gülenç, Hale Tuba Yılmaz

Description: We all learn better when things spark our interest. We are also more willing to answer when asked about subjects we care about. Our online platform & app will provide answers with a personal touch, from people with passion, in one-on-one live calls/videos, in a friendly manner.

With a “question in a bottle” kind of fashion, asking questions becomes an anonymous process. Q&B offers a chance to individuals with difficulty speaking in front of crowds, or shy to acknowledge explicitly that they do not know a subject to present themselves with their passions and interests. This also allows individuals to confidently answer questions about things they enjoy doing. Read more.


2nd Place Solution

Learning Buddy by Team Learning Buddies

Team members: Nora Schwarz, Jasmin Maya, Antonis Triantafyllakis, Ankit B., Yashvardhan Deoda

Description: Learning buddy is an app which helps the user find learning buddies from different parts of the world from a similar domain/discipline.

Our solution is personalised and makes learning more fun. Since you have a socially driven action, network advantage, exclusive insights from an international perspective, doesn’t take up too much time, turn your “virtual” connections into real reunions once the pandemic is over. Read more.