Citizen & Open Science in Higher Education: Co-creating a Shared Vision

Citizen & Open Science in Higher Education: Co-creating a Shared Vision

1st workshop scheduled on the 16th of March at 14.00 pm (CET)

Citizen engagement in research projects has yielded major benefits across the world. It is a highly effective way to simultaneously engage in learning and knowledge making; scaling up one’s research by simply increasing the number of people involved; or increasing the scientific literacy rate of a society. It can ensure that science reflects and responds to citizens’ concerns. However, citizen and open science implementation, especially within Higher Education institutions, remains a challenge.

This vision-building workshop is designed to foster best practices and co-design novel approaches to citizen and open science integration in Higher Education. Participants are encouraged to actively discuss and present their experience in this field, collaboration initiatives, models and tools they have found useful, as well as effective ways to engage external stakeholders to find innovative solutions to common problems.

An inspiring lecture will precede the discussions and a vision document, based on the ideas generated by participants, will be created as a product of the workshop.

While we encourage those, who have the knowledge and/or experience with citizen/open science to participate, we do not in any way discourage participation from those whose experience is limited.

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